Krygina Beauty Day
Infographic | Navigation
The map for the event Krygina Beauty Day is a blend of infographic and illustration, it serves as the primary tool for navigational guidance. The map is designed to make it easy for participants to navigate the event, find all offerings and presents, and stay on schedule.

When preparing for the festival in 2016, we encountered a problem of complicated navigation on the premises. It became clear that traditional signs alone would not be sufficient to guide visitors through the event. This realization led to the creation of an infographic map.
The process of creating a map for KryginaBeautyDay in 2016
As the festival has grown in size and popularity over the years, the map has been updated accordingly, with the size of the map increasing and the scale of the images decreasing to reflect the growing number of participants and offerings. In 2017, the number of participants in the festival more than doubled (it went from from 17 to 42 compared to the previous year). As a result, the map was redesigned to accommodate the growth and become two-sided, featuring a large number of elements and more detailed information.
The style of illustration used is isometric infographic, which allows for a three-dimensional representation of information in a two-dimensional space. This creates an illusion of depth and makes the map more engaging and easy to understand.
The isometric style is particularly useful when displaying a multiple layers of information, such as the different areas and offerings within the event. It allows for a clear representation of the event's layout and helps visitors to quickly and easily orient themselves.
The map is an integral part of the overall project Krygina Beauty Day and is carefully crafted to enhance the overall user experience.