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Digital marketing design
As an in-house design studio of the Krygina Cosmetics brand, my team and I have developed an impressive array of banners and images for online stores and social media. Our main goal was to create super cool and mind-blowing designs: the brand is all about being creative and trying new things, so we wanted our designs to reflect that. We had done tons of awesome makeup and still life photos. We mixed all these visuals together to make crazy collages. We added bold typography and animations to grab people's attention. We strived to create images that were so unusual and eye-catching that people couldn't help but stare. I've gathered some of them on this page.
This is a light version of the page.
If you want more flashing elements at the same time (it's fun and pretty, isn't it?),
follow the link.

Art director
Maria Kaner
Daria Borzikova
Natasha Moliboga
Ilya Kaner