Makeup Brushes
The goal of the advertising campaign for the launch of makeup brush was to highlight the quality and convenience of the brushes and also their unique design. The bright red and yellow brushes tips are snazzy, and they can be used as spatulas to mix cosmetic products or help with fake eyelash application.
We aimed to provide our audience with a comprehensive view of the brush, showcasing it in intricate detail — up close, in the hand, and in practical use. We wanted to offer potential buyers the most thorough understanding of the product, making their purchasing decisions more informed and straightforward.

We placed special emphasis on illustrating the brush bristle's dimensions. These proportions differ from the traditional ones, enhancing the functionality of the brush. However, we wanted to ensure that customers wouldn't be taken aback by this difference. Our goal was to make these unique proportions clear and transparent, so customers could appreciate the improvements without any surprises.
At the same time, we launched an additional advertising campaign At your fingertips, best for make up. This is a provocative advertising campaign that does not demonstrate the brush and its application. We demonstrate how brushes perform actions for which they are not meant — brushes are used to rewind cassette tapes, in order to get batteries from the remote control or as a bookmark for a book. We wanted to emphasize versatility in an ironic manner — the main principle of the brand. And also to hint that these brushes are used so often that they are always at hand and the hand itself reaches out to them when you need a tool.
When we explored the idea of brushes having functions beyond makeup, we were certainly joking. However, we didn't shy away from demonstrating how the appearance of brushes evolves with frequent use. We firmly believe that things designed to endure acquire a unique and appealing look. Things that last often and last well — they surely age , but they age beautifully.
Art director
Maria Kaner
Daria Borzikova
Maria Kaner
Ilya Kaner
Mary Kocinyan