Krygina Cosmetics
Packaging design
The Krygina Cosmetics packaging design centers around the flagship product, "Concrete" — a cream pigment that empowers users to explore their creativity without limitations. The brand's aesthetics are deeply intertwined with the essence of this unique product.

At the heart of the Krygina Cosmetics brand lies a profound connection between aesthetics and functionality, with "Concrete" being the epitome of this union. This cream pigment offers users unparalleled freedom of expression, allowing them to unleash their creativity without limitations, to experiment and create infinite shades with new textures.
"Concrete" is not your ordinary cosmetic item — it is a pure color that can be used as eyeshadow, lipstick, corrector, or even for painting the entire body, the possibilities are endless.
Its multifunctionality empowers makeup artists and enthusiasts alike to blur the boundaries between different cosmetic categories, enabling them to effortlessly create unique shades and textures.
We wanted to convey the message that "Concrete" is not just another makeup product; it is an artistic medium that offers the same freedom and limitless possibilities as a painter's canvas.
To embody the spirit of creative freedom, we made a deliberate choice to move away from conventional cosmetic packaging. We avoided a tube with an applicator, which could have drawn associations with liquid lipstick and restricted the application methods. Instead, an aluminum tube with a paper label, reminiscent of a tube of paints, was selected. This decision connects to the early experiences of childhood, where paints serve as one of our first tools for creative expression.
We sought to elevate the user experience and practicality of the packaging. The "Concrete" tube is further enclosed in a metal box, providing protection during transportation and serving as a convenient palette. The inside of the box's lid offers space to mix colors and save the custom blends for future use. A special product in the line is designed to resuscitate frozen pigments, ensuring longevity and sustainability.
In addition to "Concrete," the Krygina Cosmetics line features other products such as Metallized shining pigments and Sparkles Sparkles. These items, like the rest of the brand's offerings, can be mixed and experimented with, enabling the creation of an infinite number of unique shades and textures. It transforms the user's space into a small home cosmetic laboratory.

To capture the idea of a personal cosmetic laboratory within the packaging, transparent materials and unconventional shapes were employed. The Metallized shining pigments are presented in large plastic "tubes" with pumps, providing convenient and precise product dosing. The Sparkles product is housed in jars made of thick glass, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
The overall packaging design for Krygina Cosmetics reflects the brand's commitment to innovation, creative expression, and limitless possibilities. By departing from traditional cosmetic packaging norms and drawing inspiration from childhood memories and laboratory aesthetics, the design captures the essence of the brand's philosophy, empowering users to explore their creativity without boundaries.
Photo by Paul