Krygina Beauty Week
Over a span of 5 years, we had been hosting a grand beauty event called Krygina Beauty Day, akin to a beauty convention. The event featured a keynote speaker — our company's founder Elena, diverse panel discussions with renowned experts, and numerous brand booths showcasing the latest in cosmetics. In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to transform this event into an online format.

Our vision was to conduct an entire week of lectures — two per day — focusing on makeup and lifestyle, all hosted on Instagram. We had to create the event's identity, creating compelling photo and video advertisements for social media, visually presenting our partners and sponsors, designing the event schedule, and crafting engaging introductory posts to acquaint participants with what to expect, including details about prizes and bonuses. We had to complete all the tasks within the shortest timeframe possible. Our goal was to uphold the spirits of our audience and stabilize our financial standing during this challenging global period.
We created minimalist illustrations to assist lecture announcements and live streams. The consistent style and simplicity helped users quickly find desired content in their feeds. We followed every single one of Elena's live streams, extracting standout ideas and thoughts. We distilled these into quote posts, using matching visual elements and illustrations. This content approach kept our feed dynamic, maintaining our project's Instagram presence and engaging the audience, fostering reposts. Additionally, for each topic, we compiled mood boards featuring current trends, along with a selection of skincare and makeup product.
To ensure a user-friendly course experience, we tried to explain and visually depict all processes. This began with course registration and account integration, extending to the provision of templates and concluding with step-by-step guidelines for participating in daily contests.
Upon completing the course, all participants were provided with a summary of the lectures they had attended. This summary included visual aids such as illustrations, diagrams, and recommendations for products.
In the end, we had a successful event, achieved strong sales for our cosmetics but also received enthusiastic feedback regarding our partners' sales. Most importantly, the participants of Beauty Week gave us incredible feedback, as the event evolved into more than just a valuable and informative course. It became a genuine source of support and solace during the challenging times of lockdown.

You can read a few testimonials from event attendees below. To see the translation into English - put your cursor over the message.
Thank you so much for the best course ever! Here's to the best week in quarantine ever! Thank you for the beauty you have given us and inspired us with!!! For the knowledge!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've already told all my friends about this course))) it's the best thing that happened to me this spring.
Guys — I don't know how many of you there are — thank you so much for this week! It's professional, beautiful and heartfelt!
Many thanks to Elena and everyone who created this gorgeous course!✨❤️✨ It's simply a bomb!
Good evening! I would like to thank your team for everything! There is beauty and power in what you do! Thank you very much! ❤️
Thank you all so much for your hard work!

One can see immediately how much you are in love with your work, because everything is done with love and with a lot of hard work ❤️

One can feel the aesthetics of everything ✨

It's such a pity to part ways with you, all of you are so awesome

I refreshed the account page a hundred times every day so I wouldn't miss anything, to wait for a new post, to be inspired by the moodboards, to be happy for the girls who won in the raffles

You have given a million times more than this wonderful course is worth

Hello, I would like to thank the Kryginabeautyweek team! Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for the daily reminders about the beginning of the broadcast, for the beautiful design of the feed (it's really cool!). Thank you for putting Lena's quotes in separate posts (They could be easily turned into a screensaver for the iPhone). Thank you for your likes and comments on our pages. Thank you for reminding us about our partner brands' bonuses! You've done a great job! Thank you!

I just wanted to thank the KRYGINA TEAM, you guys are something else entirely. Honestly, I can't imagine how one could to monitor personal messages for 7 days with thousands of questions to sort and prepare for streaming every day. I just admire you guys! Great job!
Krygina Beauty Camp
After Krygina Beauty Week, we decided to expand and launched Krygina Beauty Camp the following year. It was an extensive course that spanned an entire month. We based it on the idea of a summer school camp, and we made sure everything — concept, graphic elements, communication style — reflected this theme.

The identity inherited the style of last year's event. And since we had more time to prepare, we fine-tuned our graphic elements and selected a universally appealing font, while maintaining the general recognizability while improving readability and visual coherence across all materials and mediums.
In terms of color, it was important to us to accent our Instagram feed, highlighting different topics from skincare to bright and creative makeup looks. So we developed a pretty broad palette that would allow us to create a wide range of different images that would work well together.
We used different colors in the promotional communication as well - to separate from each other the course sales, informational messages and announcements about the sale of the online training materials after the primary course had concluded.
To illustrate the extensive array of lectures, we generated an even greater number of illustrations encompassing both makeup and summer camp themes.. These visuals served multiple purposes, from being featured in social media announcements to functioning as integral components of our branding in training materials, advertising layouts, videos, Instagram filters, and more.
Art director
Maria Kaner
Daria Borzikova
Nastya Chernukha
Anastasia Berezhinskaya