Metallized Black Silk
Our team was tasked with creating an advertising campaign for the latest color addition to the "Metallized" makeup line by Krygina Cosmetics, Metallized Black Silk. Our goal was to bring this new color to life and showcase its beauty, versatility and unique properties.
The campaign included a beauty photo shoot, which was designed to show just how beautiful Metallized Black Silk could look when applied properly. Our still life photo shoot compared the pigment to flying shimmering silk, emphasizing its delicate and luxurious qualities. To support the launch, we developed comprehensive marketing materials, including social media content, print and online advertisements.
In addition to the main product, special sets were created to give consumers a complete picture of how Metallized Black Silk could be incorporated into various beauty looks. We took beauty photoshoots for each set and designed collages for the product card.
Art director Maria Kaner
Photorgaphy Ilya Kaner
Design Daria Borzikova
Producer Mary Kocinyan
Makeup Artist Anna Batanova
Hair Stylist Elena Gerasimova